Deepak Bharti

Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India.

USP : Attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change

I can Lead - I can take initiative - I am passionate about the things I work on
I write codes which makes things happen - Also a web developer who can build full functioning web apps from ground to deployment just in a matter of minutes/hours.
some of apps I carried from ground to cloud :p
2. ContriHub-18 and ContriHUB Intro
1. hohos
3. Allahabad Tourism

I finish what I start - Infinite passion about work - Creativity - Adaptive nature - Quick learner
unstable mood - Over Talking - Teamwork
Table Tennis - Exercise - Music - Socializing - Coming up with new ideas and building them

Looking forward for a role in fast-paced startup environment where I could have reach to the appropriate resource and guidance which could help me apply cool ideas to improve existing products/services and build awesome products/services from scratch.


FullStack Web Developer


OpenSource event for getting more students involved in open source activities. Started by me along with 2 other CC coordinators at MNNIT.

Website Link - Intro to ContriHUB and Submissions, Source Code - Source Code

September 2019 - ongoing | Allahabad, India

Python Developer


A social network for selfie lovers. People share their facial expressions and expect others to imitate them

Website Link - hohos, Source Code - Source Code

December 2016 – March 2017 | Allahabad, India

Fullstack developer

Prayag Heritage Portal

Web App to promote Tourism in Allahabad, India. It contains exclusive glimpses of Allahabad heritages.It was a great experience working with team of 5 developers, Media House of MNNIT, Prof A.K. Singh MNNIT, SDM DM Allahabad. Which was finally presented before CM(UP), GOV.(UP),President(India).

Website Link - Allahabad Tourism, Source Code - Source Code

December 2017 | Allahabad, India

Desktop app

STARE - System Tracking and activity restrictions

STARE tracks all the necessary information regarding all the applications ran (daily/weekly/monthly)

Source Code Link - STARE

36 Hours Hackathon @IIIT Allahabad

Fullstack Developer


A web app for Student activity center at MNNIT. This app contains information about all the Technical, Cultural or Atheletic events happening in MNNIT along with the coordinator details. All important notices are avaialable at one place about MNNIT.

Website - SAC MNNIT, Source Code Link - Source Code

April 2018

Python developer - Desktop App

UTuber - Download videos and playlists from YouTube

UTuber is a desktop app written in Python (wxpython, Tkinter etc) and it allows users to download single video or whole playlist easily.

Source Code Link - UTuber


Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology

an institute of National importance in India
Bachelor of Technoloy
Computer Science

CGPA: 6.9

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July 2015 - May 2019


Best school in district Unnao, UP

Percentage - 90%

July 2010 - April 2012


Best school in district Unnao, UP

Percentage - 92%

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July 2012 - April 2014


Programming Languages & Tools
Over 5000 lines
Over 1000 lines
  • Shell
  • LaTex
Web Frameworks
Web Servers and database
  • PIP
  • NPM


Apart from the coding and development thing, I also enjoy playing Tabble Tennis in vacant times. Watching Enimes is awesome, Death note, Code geass are really cool.

Community Experience


  • Topper in School. Famous for Innovative speaking at various occasions in School.
  • Our Idea was among top 15 teams out of 50 in Hack in the north, at IIITA where we build a Desktop app which lets users track what apps they used daily/monthly etc and also put some restrictions on app usage. Which resembles Google's latest Android PIE feature Digital well-being.
  • Solved more than 300 coding questions on Online Judges and Participated in various coding contests.
  • 1100+ contributions on GitHub, This year. Started some Organizations on GitHub for better management of Source Codes of various Events happening every year in MNNIT (MNNIT, ContriHUb, SAC MNNIT)
  • GitHub Campus Expert Trainee(Jun 2018)